CONTRIBUTION 1: Female patiente, 36 years-old, with diagnosis of celiac disease diagnosed 10 years ago. Patient was on a diet since that time, with occassional transgressions, and no diarrhea. Since 3 months ago presents with epigastric pain, colics y diarrhea, accompanied by weight loss. The first biopsies of this case (10 years ago) showed in the small bowel (duodenum) grade III atrophy of the mucosa, and there was positivity for antibody anti-gliadin. The patient has a rich familiy history of immunologic diseases (chronic inflammatory bowel disease, ankylosing spondylitis, diabetes mellitus type I) and a son with celiac disease. We show a recent antral gastric biopsy (HE) (Immunoperoxidase: CD45 RO and CD3) and a jejunal biopsy (HE) . See Diagnosis
Technical information:
The images shown in this case were taken with a microscope Leica DM LS with planachromatic lenses using a photographic camera Leica MPS 30 with film "Kodak Ektachrome 64 ASA, Professional 135x24". The slides have been scanned y digitized with a Hewlett-Packard Photo Scanjet 4 C. The images were optimized in contrast, brightness and sharpness and then compressed and saved in JPG format in a Compact disc
Dra. Ana Maria de Oliveira Ramos, Laboratório Médico de Patologia Natal - RN, Brazil

CONTRIBUTION 2: Male patient, 80 years-old, with jaundice of 1 month of evolution. Endoscopic examination showed a polypoid lesion of the Ampulla of Vater (40x), (100x), (200x-a), (200x-b), (400x). See Diagnosis
Harold Cuello, M.D., Pathologist, Centro Medico Imbanaco de Cali, Carrera 38A # 5A-100, Cali-Colombia